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Watercolor paint is made from the same pigments as those used in oil, egg, acrylic and other media; it uses another binder: gum Arabic. It is water soluble and normally used on paper. I bought a large number of different colors and painted them with a large sable brush on J. B. Green paper pinned to a slanted surface working top to bottom not avoiding occasional runs.

Indian Red, watercolor on paper, 41x27", 1974

Viridian, watercolor on paper, 41x27", 1974

Permanent Magenta, watercolor on paper, 41x27", 1974

Neutral Mix: Mauve, Gamboge, watercolor on paper, 11.5x9.5", January 10, 1978

Neutral Mix: Cadmium Yellow, Cobalt Violet, watercolor on paper, 10.25x11", January 10, 1978

Neutral Tint, May 10, 1980, watercolor on paper, 8.75x9"

Neutral Tint, May 11, 1980, watercolor on paper, 7.75x8.75"