Marcia Hafif
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An Extended Gray Scale

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Broken Color

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Table of Pigments

Red Painting

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Late Roman Painting

Pacific Ocean Painting

Double Glaze Painting


Pale Painting

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Shade Painting

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Ink Drawing

Using a small sable brush and black ink, diluted with different amounts of water producing different grays or blacks, and in some cases beginning in the center of the page working out to the edges, I covered the whole sheet of paper left to right and top to bottom with brush strokes. In another series I retained the white of the paper using brush strokes as in calligraphy to produce a spontaneous image.

March 22, 1975, Pelikan ink on A. Millbourn & Co. paper, 30 1/2x22"

February 8, 1984 - I, chinese ink on Arches paper, 30 x42"