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Red Painting

The Red Painting came out of the Oil Studies/Mass Tone, middle sized and larger, painted with powdered pigment hand-ground on a glass plate using a glass muller. During an uninterrupted time and using a small brush, 3/4", I applied the paint in my usual way: left to right and top to bottom. The colors were various reds: Paliogen Maroon, Permanent Red, Irgazine Ruby, Alizarin Crimson, but also Heliogen Blue and Indian Yellow.

Red Painting: Heliogen Blue, September 3, o/c, 58x58", 2001

Red Painting: Indian Yellow, June 6, o/c, 58x58", 1998

Red Painting: Paliogen Maroon, February 22, o/c, 58x58", 1998