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Oil Studies, Mass Tone

Mass Tone is the name for the color of a pigment seen in its dense form unmixed with another color. Purchasing many different pigments, and a glass plate and muller in order to grind each one separately into linseed oil, I made oil paint applying it with a small brush to small canvases, then larger ones. In doing this I found a beauty in the colors beyond what I had ever seen in tube paint.

Oil Study: Alizarin Crimson, o/c, 22x22", 1973

Oil Study: Cadmium Red Medium, o/c, 22x22", 1973

Mass Tone: Transparent Golden Ochre, o/c, 84x78", 1973

Mass Tone: Viridian, o/c, 38x38", 1973

Mass Tone: Manganese Blue, o/c, 38x38", 1974

Mass Tone: English Red, o/c, 78x84", 1974

Mass Tone, Sonnabend Gallery, NYC, 1974

Mass Tone, Sonnabend Gallery, NYC, 1974

Oil Studies, P.S.1, 1990