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From the day a woman..., Gavin Brown's enterprise, 2013

Allotted a 14 x 12' wall space for a drawing at the "Made in Space" show curated by Peter Harkawik and Laura Owens for the Night Gallery and traveled to Gavin Brown's enterprise in New York I considered several possible interventions. Then, referring back to the installation I made at P.S. 1 in 1976, I wrote an updated text to be written on the wall in cursive. The Schoolroom text was an erotic one, sometimes called pornographic, involving a man and a woman, but at this later time in my life what seemed appropriate was a consideration of what sexuality means to a woman as she ages beyond menopause and into a single life. The surface here is painted in Highlighter Yellow, guidelines were drawn in pencil and the text written using Payne's Gray paint stick.

From the day a woman..., latex interior wall paint, oil stick, graphite, 14 x 12', 2013