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Given, MoCA MASS, 2007

Antony Hudek had been given a room at the Jan Van Eyck school in Maastricht to curate an exhibition. He titled the room: MoCA Mass and he invited me to use the space letting me know that visitors should not enter the room. The glass door with a wire grid embedded in it allowed only a few visitors at a time to see the installation so I called it Given (after Duchamp). Along the right wall I pinned drawings, drawings that utilized the shape of my hands, and on the floor I placed a stack of white porcelain shapes also resulting from work with my hands and then used a flesh color to paint a shape nearly covering the far wall.

Wall Painting, Hand Drawings, White sculpture

installation view with White sculpture

Hand Drawing, each 11 x 8.5", ink on paper, 2007

Hand Drawing, each 11 x 8.5", ink on paper, 2007