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The "Other" projects:

My work has always been inspired by some aspect of life outside my own mind. When I learned to paint I first looked at a specific subject that could be called landscape, still-life or figure, and took direction from that. When I shifted from "realism" to "abstraction" I was looking at the paint, but in the early years also to subconscious imagery: a shape I had not been aware of noticing could become the imagery of a drawing or painting. When in 1972 I turned to "monochrome" work the subject became the materials and their use in the tradition of Painting along with the installation of the resulting paintings in space in such a way that a sense of one-point perspective was invoked. The available spaces were for the most part in galleries and museums where the walls, by a more recent tradition, had become white.

"Other" work I have done has been created in response to different situations, an invitation to work and to present the work in another kind of space with few white walls or some subject presenting itself that was outside of the discipline of painting. That has ranged from the Cave in Los Angeles that I did not consider to be art at all, to work with language in Poland, that I call performance, which simply came about because I was there and intrigued by the Polish language and its spelling. An interest in architecture was stimulated when I lived near a forest walking in it often and beginning to invent habitations: solar homes, pavilions and imaginary enclosures. Inspiration from Japanese teahouses and gardens must have influenced the Lusthus in Sweden and A Place Apart in France. Ocean Sounds I wanted others to hear. The schoolroom at P.S.1 was an impossible place to install paintings.