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Schoolroom, P.S.1, 1976

For the Rooms Show, 1976, the opening show at P.S. 1 in an ex-schoolhouse in Long Island City among 90 some artists I was assigned a classroom with blackboards and above them the space used in the past to demonstrate cursive handwriting. I went to this dilapidated room with plaster peeling from the walls and hardwood floors curled up every day for a week or more, made drawings and looked out the window while waiting for inspiration. After college I was a third grade teacher for a few years making the blackboards part of my past. Using the white chalk appropriate to the situation I wrote in longhand an erotic text on the boards and with casein painted the upper spaces in colors that might have been used at Pompeii.

Schoolroom, P.S.1, 1976 (detail)